Bringing Element Care PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) to Assisted Living Facilities Creates a Powerful Market Share Advantage. Judith Roark Mackey, Business Development Manager, Element Care

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, assisted living communities have provided extraordinary care and services for residents, including:  around-the-clock care; monitoring for symptoms; implementing infection control and cleaning protocols; screening of employees; ensuring social distancing; adjusting activities; hiring, and training, They also have heroically managed “move ins” for residents, sometimes in emergency situations.

Health Dimensions Group (HDG) recently published its Top Trends in Aging Services: Preparing for Historic Changes list for 2020, and it reports: “Like never before, senior living and care organizations are facing a time of great uncertainty. The speed and diversity of change seems unparalleled.”

Of interest on the list is the apparent convergence of two trends: occupancy and growth challenges, with the growing need for assisted living for middle income seniors. A quick look at the local landscape shows how investors and developers have focused almost entirely on the upper end of income levels. For lower income seniors, state and local programs, such as Medicaid, provide some housing and some care-related services, but the assisted living industry has not focused on the senior living needs of the middle income market.


A proven care model like Element Care’s PACE enhances the quality of life of residents, expands existing support, and makes assisted living

more affordable for middle income individuals.  A partnership with Element Care is a true differentiator in the marketplace and an additional tool to augment the facility’s accessibility and occupancy goals.  Element Care PACE enhances a participant’s quality of life and addresses the family and caregivers’ need for hands-on comprehensive medical care, insurance, and supportive services. We have partnered with several select assisted living partners in Middlesex and Essex Counties.  Our partners are now able to cast a wider net to attract individuals with more limited resources.

If you would like to learn more about Element Care’s Partnerships with Assisted Living Facilities, please contact Judy Mackey, Business Development Manager, email: