Hot Desk (assigning a Hot Desk phone to your extension)

How do I make and receive calls from a shared Hot Desking phone?

Important: Hot Desking is only available in our float spaces and specifically designated areas.
Simply press the “login” soft key (or *90), and then enter your extension and PIN. The phone will adopt your extension settings and be ready to use.

Can the previous user be logged out of a shared phone if they forgot to do it themselves?

Hot Desk / Common Phones have a default session timeout of 12 hours. An admin can also log out a specific shared phone anytime from their online account.

Assigning External (Cell) Phone Numbers

Please see the RC article here: Set up your RingCentral Client to ring to your Cell Phone/External Phone Number.


Proofpoint Secure Messaging

Sending Secure Email

To encrypt outgoing emails, ensure that you have one of the following in the Subject Line:

  • [Encrypt] in brackets
  • (Encrypt) in parentheses 
  • {Encrypt} in braces/curly brackets

Note: There are no other options for sending encrypted messages. Entering the subject line incorrectly may result in sending unsecured PHI.

The recipient will be prompted to register for an account with our Proof Point Encryption platform.

The recipient will only be able to read and reply to the email.

This is useful if the email needs to be secure and the other party doesn’t have a way to encrypt.