doctor talking to her male senior patient at office

Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is a way to drive better health outcomes by empowering the patient and their loved ones to be active in their own care.

But why is patient engagement so important?

Studies have shown that patients and or their families who are involved in the decision making process and those who are engaged as decision-makers in their care tend to be healthier and have better outcomes then those who are not involved.

How does it work?

Patients and their providers work together to consider the patient’s condition, treatment options, benefits and risks of treatment, and patients’ preferences, and then arrive at and execute a treatment plan. Through increased communication and more information regarding the patients’ health, patients are more confident regarding their conditions, diagnosis and are overall satisfied with their care.

At Element Care we encourage consistent input and communication about PACE from our participants. Here are a few of our methods that we use to engage participants in their care:

The Participant Advisory Committee (PAC) and participant council meetings are held to serve as advisory resources and provide participants with the opportunity to share feedback regarding the design and delivery of health care services. The PAC meeting is scheduled to meet three times a year and it consists of two participants from each PACE site along with members from Element Care’s senior management team, board members, and department heads. The PAC member acts as a liaison between leadership and their home site in order to share collective feedback with regard to PACE program services. The Participant Council meetings are held monthly at each site in order to provide a forum for discussion between Element Care participants, PAC members and staff.

We also provide monthly Customer Service meetings with a representative at each site. The representative ensures participant satisfaction. Our feedback mechanisms through our grievance process are designed to enable our participants to express any concerns or dissatisfactions they may have and address them in a timely manner. In addition, we are happy to hear any positive feedback about our PACE program and our dedicated team members.

Carla Recinos Guzman
Customer Service Representative at Element Care